So Sorry for Your Loss

So Sorry for Your Loss



7 ct
About This Item

Via Mercato Primavera Fresh Herbs Collection is a perfect way to send your deepest sympathy. Let your loved ones know they are in your thoughts and prayers with this fresh and vibrant gift set. We also send an adorable succulent plant. This gift set is sure to brighten the day of anyone feeling down.

Via Mercato European Soaps start with love, as do all things made in Italy. A love of beauty, artistry, and quality found throughout the local markets. A curated assortment of modern fragrances inspired by journeys through those markets that celebrate flavors, aroma, and life. Enriched with the skin-caring ingredients of shea butter, glycerin, Italian olive oil, and coconut oil, these soaps gently removes dirt and grime leaving skin feeling love.


Via Mercato Fresh Herbs Primavera Candle Tin: An earthy blend of coriander, basil, and mint are lit up with tangerine and lime, then finish with fresh-picked flowers and violet leaves. 12+ hours of burn time.

Via Mercato Fresh Herbs Primavera Soap Gift Set: A set of four Fresh Herb scented shea butter soaps in an assorted display and arranged in a beautiful gift box.

Via Mercato Primavera Matches: Set of 50 large matches designed to coordinate with the candles to create a beautiful, comprehensive gift.

DLM Succulent: This small, adorable succulent will surely brighten anyone's day. They are very forgiving and easy to care for.

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