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DLM Popcorn Kit featuring Jacobsen Co

DLM Popcorn Kit featuring Jacobsen Co

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Pop Away

The ultimate snack experience: popcorn! We include our delicious non-GMO DLM Popping Corn along with a bag of our already popped DLM popcorn to devour immediately.  To put the popcorn over the top, we also include our favorite popcorn seasoning, Jacobsen Salt Co. Popcorn Seasoning (in collaboration with Diaspora Spice Co).  Shake over your popcorn for a bright savory experience that is actually good for you thanks to the health benefits of Turmeric.  

For the ultimate popcorn experience, add on 4th and Heart Ghee!

Other Varieties

DLM Popping Corn is non-GMO from Indiana and pops up into pearl white popcorn nuggets of goodness.

DLM Sea Salt Popcorn (4 oz bag): Our DLM non-GMO kernels are popped to perfection in coconut oil with the perfect amount of sea salt.  The ultimate snack.

Jacobsen Salt Co Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning:  Is a bright and earthy mix of their Trapani fine sea salt with Diaspora Co. heirloom, single-origin turmeric. Movie nights will never be the same.


Average Customer Rating:

Feb 21st
Verified Purchase

- Jeanne

Sep 21st 2023
Verified Purchase

Good gift-purchased another!

- Rita

Aug 4th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great gift & loved by all! Only disappointment- I paid for a gift bag; the gift bag had dogs on it which did not reflect my personal gift in any manner.

- Karen

Jul 16th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Calvin

Jul 7th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Rita

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