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Killer Brownie® Best Sellers Gift Box - 4 Count

Killer Brownie® Best Sellers Gift Box - 4 Count



4 ct
The Best of the Best!

Dorothy Lane Market is the Official Online Store for Killer Brownie®.  Enjoy our best-selling brownies in one gift box.  

A decadent, triple-layered treat, these gourmet brownies feature a generous layer of our signature caramel sandwiched between rich brownie and a variety of inclusions. Only the best-of-the-best brownies are included in this assortment: The Original, Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter. These deluxe brownies are hand cut, individually wrapped, and nestled into a beautiful gift box.  

Warm Weather Notice

Due to extreme temperatures, your brownies may arrive warm and extra gooey — we assure you they are safe to eat! To combat the warmer weather, we are adding extra ice and insulation to all packages; however, the brownies may still arrive warm. We recommend popping them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to firm up.

Other Varieties
DLM Difference: Killer Brownie®

DLM Difference: Killer Brownie®

Killer Brownie® is a signature favorite enjoyed near and far. What started with The Original has grown into several delicious varieties, including seasonal favorites.

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Average Customer Rating:

Feb 16th
Verified Purchase


Dec 30th 2023
Verified Purchase

Killer Brownie's are phenomenal. I love them. Wish I could say they are an integral part of my diet, but I can't unless I don't want to get through my doors. But during the holidays, I buy as gifts and as a splurge to enjoy. Love these brownies. There is nothing better.


Dec 30th 2023
Verified Purchase

Words are inadequate to describe.

- Bob

Dec 27th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Heidi

Dec 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

Excellent. I like that there are so many options available online to gift Killer Brownies to those out of state! I sent these + a couple packages of Ohio coffee & buckeyes to my sister and her family in Idaho and they arrived fresh and carefully packaged. DLM does a great job with how they ship their online orders, which I'm very happy about. My teenage nephew especially enjoyed these!

- Hannah

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