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Heavenly Ham®

Heavenly Ham®



7-8 lbs
DLM Heavenly Ham®

Our exclusive fully cooked, spiral-sliced, honey-glazed Heavenly Ham® is ideal for holidays and special occasions, as well as for everyday meals. We use the finest American hams that have been slowly cured and mildly smoked with hickory. It makes a much-appreciated gift for any occasion, especially to express sympathy and gratitude.

The ham is at its best after heating, but it is also delicious at room temperature. The ham slices make great sandwiches as well. The spiral-cut, uniform slices are easily released from the bone with just a touch of a knife blade. And who can forget the crunchy spicy-sweet glaze? Delicious!

Other Varieties

DLM Difference: Heavenly Ham®, a Timeless Tradition

Dressed with our signature glaze of a sweet, rich honey and delicate spices that are sealed in with a high-heat open flame, our Heavenly Ham® is a tradition worth holding onto.

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Average Customer Rating:

Jan 6th
Verified Purchase

delicious as always!!

- christine

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Christine! 

Jan 6th
Verified Purchase

The whole family loved this ham! I was very pleased with the order and delivery!

- Sheila

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are so glad to hear that family loved the ham. Thank you Sheila for the order!

Jan 5th
Verified Purchase

While the taste was, again, excellent, both my ham and the one I had sent to my parents were extra-fatty this year and both had an extra bone that had been cut through, which meant more preparation time on our end removing the extra bones from the meat itself.

- Amelia (Lakewood, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Amelia for the feedback. We will pass it along.

Jan 4th
Verified Purchase

Wonderful! Family couldn’t get enough! Definitely will order again.

- Kathleen

Jan 1st
Verified Purchase


- diana

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Diana!

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