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Fully Cooked DLM Whole Free-Range Turkey

Fully Cooked DLM Whole Free-Range Turkey


This item is currently unavailable, but it will be back on October 15th, 2022.

Fully Cooked DLM Whole Free-Range Turkey

We are shipping our locally raised non-GMO free-range turkey across the U.S. This turkey is fully cooked, oven browned, and minimally processed.
Many years ago, our quest for a better turkey took us to our friends in New Carlisle, Ohio, at Bowman & Landes. The resulting DLM Free-Range Turkeys were always exceptional—antibiotic free and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. But we knew we could work together to go a step further. Now, our DLM Free-Range Turkeys also are Non-GMO Project Verified, meeting strict criteria to merit the designation. Why did we do it? Because we believe it was the right thing to do. Did we mention that it's delicious, too?

Serving suggestion is 3/4-1 lb per person. Average turkey is 12-14 lbs. It will ship frozen and requires expedited shipping.


DLM Difference: Our Non-GMO Free-Range Turkey

A few years ago, through our partnership with Bowman & Landes, we debuted our Non-GMO Project Verified DLM Free-Range Turkey. Learn more about the turkey that’s the talk of the town!

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