DLM Artisan Turkey Red Wheat Oatmeal Stout Pan Bread

DLM Artisan Turkey Red Wheat Oatmeal Stout Pan Bread



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A Very Special Bread with a Special Story

Turkey Red Wheat Oatmeal Stout Pan Bread is a hearty loaf made from our own locally grown Turkey Red Wheat flour, a bit of aged dough, and oatmeal. It's then kissed with molasses and a touch of Guinness Stout for depth in flavor. The result is a dense yet soft sandwich bread that you're sure to love. It is made from flour that is milled farm-side and grown locally by three farmers who have a special connection to the Turkey Red Wheat


The Story Behind Our Turkey Red Wheat

We partner with three local farmers—Ed Hill, Dale Friesen, and Danny Jones—to grow our Turkey Red Wheat, which is milled into flour farm-side and delivered to our bakers. But the story behind the wheat and its connection to Dale are truly remarkable.

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Turkey Red Wheat


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Jun 25th
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- Lisa (Dayton, OH)

Jun 25th
Verified Purchase

DLM breads are always great. They also freeze well.

- Kim (Dayton, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Kim! Much appreciated. 

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