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DLM 100% Local Honey 48 oz

DLM 100% Local Honey 48 oz


Bulk Honey

In keeping with the high level of standards that go into the creation of every one of DLM's signature products, our 100% Pure Honey bear is sure to be a pantry staple once you try it. Produced by Al Tuttle from honey harvested in the Miami Valley, our honey is unprocessed and 100% raw. Besides tasting great, unprocessed honey has a multitude of healthy benefits, from healing sore throats to being a natural beauty aid.

48 oz bulk size.


Holiday Cozy Comforts: Charcuterie at Home

Not quite ready for dinner or don’t feel like making another fussy meal? Open up a good bottle of wine and set out a charcuterie board with some holiday touches.

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The Buzz About DLM 100% Pure Honey

The different types of bees that are found in a hive, from the worker and drone bees to the nurse and queen bee, all have a job to do. All of them collectively work together to produce our Love Local pure honey.

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Try it in this must-make recipe for Raspberry & Honey Crostini!

Buttery, toasted DLM Artisan Bread slathered with mascarpone cheese, topped with fresh raspberries, and finished with a drizzle of golden, glistening local honey.

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