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Brunch All Day With Coffee

Brunch All Day With Coffee



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Brunch All Day with Coffee

Brunch is one of the most popular and trending food experiences shared, which inspired this Brunch All Day gift. We've pulled together an exquisite collection of easy-to-prepare brunch favorites to bring sunshine to any morning! Treat yourself or someone special with this Brunch All Day combination of sweet and savory items like our DLM Homemade Quiche, our Patisserie's Bakewell Tart, DLM Artisan Raisin Walnut Bread (may be temporarily replaced with stollen), and Boston Stoker Highlander Grogg Coffee. Not a coffee drinker? An identical gift is available with tea instead of coffee

Other Varieties

DLM Homemade Quiche Lorraine (whole): Made Right Here in our Kitchens with an all-butter crust we combine eggs, heavy cream, smoky ham, bacon lardons and Swiss cheese. It's a great comfort gift to yourself or someone you love. It ships frozen and arrives ready to heat and eat. Special Note: Made Right Here, you'll love how our DLM Homemade Quiche's all-butter crust is dense yet buttery and soft when cooked directly in the included pan. If you desire a crispier bottom crust, remove the quiche from its included pan and place it on a sheet pan to bake. For best results, heat in oven, not the microwave.

Bakewell Tart: A traditional British treat featuring a sweet almond cream nestled in an all-butter crust layered with fresh raspberry filling, sliced almonds, and a delightful crown of powdered sugar. Our Bakewell Tart is Made Right Here by our pâtisserie chefs, but its tradition dates back to 20th century England as a variation of Bakewell Pudding.

DLM Artisan Raisin Walnut Bread: One of our most popular artisan breads. It's no wonder, because this bread is packed with healthy jumbo flame raisins, golden raisins, and California walnuts! Before baking, the mixture is equal parts by weight of raisins and walnuts to dough. For a quick nutritious breakfast, toast a thick slice and slather it with a good butter and preserves or with peanut butter and honey. Makes fantastic French toast as well.  (may be substituted with Servatii Stollen).

Boston Stoker's Highlander Grogg Coffee: Caramel and nut flavors with a touch of Scotch whisky. This coffee will take you back to the Scottish Highlands. One of their most popular flavors! Our friend Don Dean of Boston Stoker has been a coffee taster for decades, and his passion is evident every time you savor a cup of this wonderful coffee.


Average Customer Rating:

Feb 29th
Verified Purchase

- Pamela

Jan 11th
Verified Purchase

The recipient was extremely happy with it. Fast shipping and delivery.

- Robbie

Jan 1st
Verified Purchase

I sent it as a gift, but the recipient said it was delicious. The delivery was also very quick.

- Kathleen

Dec 31st 2023
Verified Purchase

- Jean

Dec 31st 2023
Verified Purchase

I heard from the friends that we sent this item to, and they absolutely raved about it. Thank you so much.

- Ann

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