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Soups and Stews From Ghana

Come meet our new Chef instructor Gabi Odebode! Chef Gabi teaches in many cooking schools with an emphasis on West African cuisine. Chef Gabi is known as one of the pioneers in the Cincinnati/Dayton area for introducing communities to African cuisine and culture. We’re excited for her to share her talents with us as she prepares these flavorful soups and stews from her native country of Ghana. This menu will be paired with wine.


  • Ghanaian Light Soup (tomato-based soup)
  • Peanut Soup (a creamy soup rich in umami flavor) 
  • Spinach Stew
  • Black Eyed Peas Stew (an African year-round comfort food with a hefty source of protein)


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About Chef Gabi Odebode

Chef Gabi Odebode is a scientist turned Chef and a foodpreneur. Born and raised in West Africa Ghana, Gabi ate and learned from amazing cooks such as her grandma, mother, and aunts. At the age of 9 she immigrated to the United States where she lived in Maryland. In high school, she registered for a food and nutrition class, where she watched several cooking shows by a woman named Rachael Ray. This is when something clicked for Gabi. She started to cook more often at home and experimented with spices and herbs and learn to cook other meals aside from her cultural cuisines. She later registered for an international cuisine class. Gabi climbed the educational ladder and graduated with a master’s degree in biology. During her master’s program, she started her side hustle where she catered food, created products, and taught people in her community to cook certain West African foods. This side hustle became her main hustle (Afromeals) when she moved to Ohio. In Ohio, she learned, and was mentored by CIA trained chefs. Gabi released her first recipe book and started teaching at different cooking schools in the Cincinnati-Dayton area. Her goal was to educate people about African (West African) cuisine. She later opened her own cooking school (Afromeals Cooking School) in downtown Cincinnati where she teaches and has taught many people about African cuisine. Along with teaching, Gabi also share her cultural food with people by developing recipes for Currently, Chef Gabi is known as one of the pioneers in the Cincinnati/Dayton area in Ohio introducing people to African cuisine and culture. This is how she coined her business tagline “Experience the Culture”. She has been featured in Cincinnati Magazine and news and other local, national, and international publications.

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