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DLM 100% Pure Honey Bear

DLM 100% Pure Honey Bear



12 oz
The Buzz About DLM Honey

In keeping with the high level of standards that go into the creation of every one of DLM's signature products, our 100% Pure Honey Bear is sure to be a pantry staple once you try it. Produced by Al Tuttle from honey  locally harvested in the Miami Valley, it's unprocessed and 100% raw. Besides tasting great, unprocessed honey has a multitude of healthy benefits, from healing sore throats to being a natural beauty aid.


The Buzz About DLM 100% Pure Honey

The different types of bees that are found in a hive, from the worker and drone bees to the nurse and queen bee, all have a job to do. All of them collectively work together to produce our Love Local pure honey.

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35 Reasons We Love Local

Over the years, DLM has become known as a gourmet destination, but we still have a passion for local foods and more from local farmers and vendors. Learn about some of our Love Local friends here!

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Try it in this must-make recipe for Raspberry & Honey Crostini!

Buttery, toasted DLM Artisan Bread slathered with mascarpone cheese, topped with fresh raspberries, and finished with a drizzle of golden, glistening local honey.

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Average Customer Rating:

Feb 21st
Verified Purchase

It was suggested that I add this to the Get Well Soon Gift Box after I asked if I could substitute another item for the throat lozenges. I was told substitutions are not permitted, so my 5-star rating is more reflective of the impressive customer service I received for this purchase.

- Carla

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Carla, thank you so much for your order. We will let our Customer Service Associates know of your kind words😊

Jan 18th
Verified Purchase


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