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With Sympathy Gift Set

With Sympathy Gift Set


Your condolences will shine through

Let your friends and loved ones know they are in your thoughts and prayers with this collection. We paired our DLM Butter Pound Loaf with a decadent strawberry jam with some savory cheese coin cracker.  We also include a unique flower gift in the form of a Sunflower Sprigbox.  These thoughtful gifts will bring warmth and comfort for weeks to come as your friends and family watch the sunflower grow.  


Sunflower Springbox:  The enduring symbol of happiness and longevity, Sunflowers are guaranteed to brighten anyone's day. The will also brighten your day, because they are among the easiest plants to grow from seed. And no surprise, these yellow beauties like lots of sunlight so be sure to pick your favorite sunny windowsill to watch them grow.  This Sprigbox is an all-inclusive garden kit containing natural seeds and a special growing media. The only thing missing is water and a loving home.

Strawberry Jam: Filled with a delicious mix of passion fruit, strawberries, and roses, Love Jam by Les Confitures a l'Ancienne is the perfect jam to show someone you care. Spread this jam onto toast or scones, use it as a filling for a cake, or make heart-shaped thumb print cookies to really display your love. However you use this Love Jam, your taste buds will be grateful and your loved ones will feel appreciated.

DLM Pound Loaf:  Made right here in our DLM Central Bakery, these butter pound loaves are a delight with tea or coffee.  Seasonal Flavors.

Rustic Bakery Cheese Coin Crackers:  Rustic Bakery Handcrafted Cheese Coins are crispy crackers made with sharp Cheddar. Their rich and buttery flavor is balanced out with specks of red pepper flakes and a touch of cayenne. These bite-sized snacks are the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail or glass of wine!


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Aug 11th 2023
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