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Vera Jane's Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Vera Jane's Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Vera Jane's Novello Olive Oil is Here!

Throughout the year, we celebrate the arrival of so many great seasonal foods, and the highly anticipated release of our Vera Jane's Extra Virgin Novello Olive Oil every winter is one we're excited to spotlight and present to you! It was just harvested late this past fall from family-owned groves in Tuscany, Italy. Clean, bright, distinct green olive and spring grass tones making this "new" oil perfect for fresh basil pesto! It finishes with a healthy, peppery kick indicative of fresh, superior-quality extra virgin oil. Try brushing it on steaks, tossing in salads, or adding a few drops atop vanilla gelato. Simply put, it's great for everyday uses, so drizzle liberally and enjoy the distinctive flavor of Tuscany.


How to Make Pesto With Novello

Wondering how to make pesto from scratch? Vera Jane’s Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is just the Earthy taste of spring you need and will help you in your pesto pursuits (keep reading for our perfect pesto recipe). In Tuscany, Italy, sits the Zanetti family’s farm, where the olives are grown that are used to make our very own Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

The fruit of their labor is harvested once a year during a small window. Most of the oil will be stored and bottled as needed, but a select amount is sent to us as the first harvest for you to enjoy. We consider this the most exciting oil of the year with its grassy taste that explodes with freshness as it hits your mouth. It’s a special treat, indeed, and only distinguished as Novello for a limited time. What to do with Vera Jane’s Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil? Drizzle liberally. Here are a few ideas, including our recipe for perfect pesto.

  1.  Drizzle on top of steamed vegetables, pasta, pizza, steak, or DLM Gelato.
  2.  Use to lightly fry meats and seafood.
  3.  Finish with a little sea salt, freshly ground pepper, or dried herbs and use as a dip for DLM Artisan Bread.
  4.  Make bruschetta, a simple vinaigrette, or pesto!
Vera Jane's Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


3 garlic cloves
½ tsp sea salt, or more to taste
3 oz basil leaves (about 1 cup packed)
2 Tbsp pine nuts
2 oz Parmigiano-Reggiano, grated
½ cup Vera Jane’s Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Pulse the garlic, salt, and pine nuts until finely minced. Add the basil and pulse until finely minced. Stir in the olive oil and cheese, and adjust seasoning according to taste if needed.
For more of an authentic pesto, use a mortar and pestle for a finer texture.

Step 1: Combine the garlic salt and grind into a paste.

Making Pesto Novello
STEP 2: Add the basil a handful at a time and grin din a circular motion; continue until all the basil is crushed.
Making Pesto Novello
Step 3: Add the pine nuts and crush into the paste, then grind in the cheese.
Making Pesto Novello
Making Pesto Novello
STEP 4: Slowly drizzle in the olive oil until well incorporated. Ready to eat right away, or place in a covered jar with a small amount of additional olive oil.
Making Pesto Novello
Making Pesto Novello
  • Toss with freshly cooked veggies.
  • Mix into mayo.
  • Drizzle over eggs.
  • Smear on bruschetta.
  • Dollop on soup.

Experience Vera Jane's Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in Our Recipe for Lemon Garlic Pasta!

With pops of garlic, fresh herbs, and a pinch of red pepper flakes, finish your Lemon Garlic Pasta with a drizzle of Vera Jane's Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for a mouthwatering meal.

Get the recipe >>


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