Veleta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Veleta Extra Virgin Olive Oil



500 ml
About Veleta Olive Oil

A smooth, golden oil from the south of Spain (near Almería) with pleasing notes of bitter almond. Wonderful for frying eggs, dressing salads, and drizzling on fish. This oil is near and dear to us, because it's the legacy of our friend Dr. Juan Palomar. Juan is a native of Almería, and we got to know him because he practiced medicine in Dayton, Ohio. After retiring from his practice, he gave his full attention to making great wine and olive oil on his beloved Spanish estate. This olive oil is produced entirely from the distinctive lechin olives which are grown on their estate. This oil is named "Veleta" (Spanish for "weathervane") in honor of Juan's estate in southern Spain.


Dr. Juan Palomar, a doctor practicing medicine in Dayton, OH, planted vineyards and founded Dominio Buenavista in Spain which produces wines under the Veleta label along with olive oil, sherry vinegar, canned tunas and sardines. Even after his passing, his wife Nola continues his legacy with importing their very own wines, olive oils, tuna and sardines here in Ohio. The wines and olive oils have won many awards around the world. We are proud to be carry and support these products.

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