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Urban Stead Street Ched Cheddar Wedge

Urban Stead Street Ched Cheddar Wedge



.4 to .5 lbs
An Ohio-Based, Award-Winning Cheese

Urban Stead Street Ched, locally crafted in Cincinnati, Ohio, is an English-style clothbound Cheddar that has won awards from the American Cheese Society (2022 Silver Medal Winner) as well as the Ohio State Fair Cheese Competition (Best Cheddar in Ohio & Reserve Champion). It's aged for at least 12 months giving this cheese its sweet yet tangy sharpness and savory, earthy flavor that beckons you to take another bite.

Please note: Urban Stead Street Ched Cheddar wedges are hand cut and may vary in ounces, but the goal is to be as close to .5 lb per wedge as possible.  

Also:  This is a cloth bound cheddar and may have appearance of dark spots from the aging process.  


Urban Stead Cheese Co. makes their cheese in Cincinnati, Ohio. Every week, they make the trip by truck to Bohl’s Jerseys in Mowrystown, Ohio, to gather close to 6,000 pounds of milk. Bohl's Jersey cows produce milk with the highest butterfat and protein of all dairy cows, which is great for cheese! 

With a guiding principle to create as small of a footprint as possible as well as to contribute to the betterment of Cincinnati, Urban Stead Cheese Co. sends the leftover whey from their cheesemaking to a local farmer to feed their livestock. They also take any excess cheese to foodbanks. 

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