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Truff Black Truffle Infused Gift Set

Truff Black Truffle Infused Gift Set


Explore a Taste of Truff

If you love Truff as much as we do, you're sure to enjoy this Truff Black Truffle Infused Gift Set! Complete with Truff Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce, Truff Black Truffle Pomodoro Pasta Sauce, and Truff Black Truffle Infused Oil, this trio is great for exploring the culinary adventure and gourmet flavors of black truffles.


Truff Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce: The perfect blend of ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, black truffle, and savory spices, this luxurious hot sauce is unlike any other and a true all-star in the hot sauce world. Truff Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce is velvety smooth and rich in flavor making it an excellent way to elevate a variety of dishes. We love it on just about anything! From popcorn and eggs to pizza and meatballs, you can’t go wrong! Vegan and gluten free.
Truff Black Truffle Pomodoro Sauce is made with a mouthwatering blend of tomatoes, herbs, black truffle, and Truff® Chili Blend. Filled with fresh flavors and umami goodness, this gourmet food find is one of our favorites and we can't wait for you to try it for yourself. Toss with freshly cooked pasta, enjoy over meatballs, chicken parmesan, and more!

Truff Black Truffle Oil:  The aromatic Black Winter Truffle is front and center with this Truffle Oil. They sourced real black winter truffles and infused them into olive oil to create the perfect finishing oil.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to enhance your favorite recipes with just a dash or two of Truffle Oil. Your pizza, pasta, potatoes, and popcorn will never be the same.

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