The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Kit

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Kit



1 Meal Kit
The Ultimate Comfort Food - Grilled Cheese

There's something about a grilled cheese sandwich that warms your heart and belly. Maybe it's the feeling of nostalgia of meals from your childhood. Or, perhaps it's the perfectly golden, toasty bread that houses ooey, gooey cheese. There are so many variations of this classic comfort food, but we've pulled together all the ingredients for one of our favorites from Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, in The Ultimate Grilled Cheese kit.



DLM Artisan Sourdough Bread is one of our most cravable breads with the blistered, bubbly crust and distinctive, tangy flavor.

Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar (1/2 lb) is aged for two years to give it a smooth texture and both sweet and savory notes.

French Comte Gruyère Cheese (5 oz) is a hard yellow cheese with notes of walnuts and subtle Swiss flavor.  This is young, mild gruyere.  

Major Grey's Mango Chutney is a blend of mangoes, spices, and ginger that pairs wonderfully with cheeses.

Killer Brownie® Brookies provides the perfect marraige of a chocolate chip cookie and fudgy brownie in one delicious bite. We include 2 individually wrapped treats. 


Average Customer Rating:

Nov 5th
Verified Purchase

Great product and customer service. Sent as a special gift to my nephew to remind him of lunches together at DLM. Everything arrived as promised and the sandwich was amazing

- pamela (Springboro, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

That is such a sweet gift! Thank you Pamela for sending it. 

Sep 10th
Verified Purchase

- katherine

Mar 12th
Verified Purchase

- Rachel

Feb 6th
Verified Purchase

There is never a bad grilled cheese!!!


Dorothy Lane Market says:

Agreed!!! Thanks for the review and order. 

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