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The Pine Club Collection

The Pine Club Collection



3 ct
A Trio of Ohio Must-Haves

Enjoy all the tastes of the historic The Pine Club restaurant right in your own home with The Pine Club Collection. We pack up all of the essentials from this local eatery in one appealing gift package. First there are the The Pine Club Stewed Tomatoes, a classic accompaniment to any meal. Next there is the The Pine Club Steakhouse Sauce, which tastes delicious slathered on just about anything and everything you can imagine. The final addition is The Pine Club House Dressing, a cupboard staple for many who have lived and grown up in the Dayton area.



Average Customer Rating:

Jun 27th
Verified Purchase

- Tracie

Feb 7th
Verified Purchase

Last item in a gift to friends. They loved it.

- Marsha (Kettering, OH)

Jan 15th
Verified Purchase


Jan 6th
Verified Purchase

Great. You should do a "Dayton Box"

- chris (Centerville, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

That's a great idea! We have Ohio Box, but a specific Dayton one is a nice idea. Thank you Chris! 

Dec 31st 2022
Verified Purchase

I was looking for something unique and reasonably priced and Ohio themed. DLM popped up in my search. The order was easy. I made a mistake and emailed you and you fixed it immediately. I will probably order through DLM next time. (However I was thanked for “the sauces” and hope that is not what she received. I suspect she didn’t really look at it. Too bad)

- Valerie (South Charleston, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Valerie for allowing us to send your gift! We appreciate your support.

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