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Tea Forté Single Steeps® Herbal Retreat

Tea Forté Single Steeps® Herbal Retreat



15 Pouches
Calming Herbal Teas to Relax & Revive

Retreat to a place where restorative calm and peace are found. Tea Forté Herbal Retreat collection contains rejuvenating, naturally caffeine-free herbal infusions to relax the mind and soothe the spirit. Each box contains 15 loose tea pouches, three of each herbal blend: Apricot Ameretto, Blueberry Merlot, Cherry Cosmo, Kiwi Lime Ginger, and Mojito Marmalade. All teas are USDA Organic Certified.

Other Varieties

Single Steeps® are easy to use, pre-portioned pouches that are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of premium loose leaf tea. Steeping delicious and exceptional tea is as simple as opening the pre-portioned pouch of tea, emptying the contents into a personal teapot or infusing basket, and pouring the water over the leaves to steep the perfect 12-oz cup or single pot of tea.

Apricot Amaretto: Juicy apricot and almond pair for a refreshing infusion. Fruity, nutty, and slightly sweet. Kosher Certified & USDA Organic.

Blueberry Merlot: A fruity, herbal blend with sweet berries and savory sage. Tart with sweetness of fresh berries and a spicy undertone. A North American Tea Champion Award winner! Kosher Certified & USDA Organic.

Cherry Cosmo Tea: Bursting with the taste of cherry and berries. Bright pink and full of flavor. Kosher Certified & USDA Organic.

Kiwi Lime Ginger: Boldly flavored with zesty kiwi, citrus, and ginger. USDA Organic.

Mojito Marmalade Tea: Lush citrus with spearmint and rooibos. USDA Organic.


Average Customer Rating:

Feb 17th 2023
Verified Purchase

it was a gift for my aunt, who loves tea, and she loved the selection

- Barbara

Jan 18th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Calvin

Nov 10th 2022
Verified Purchase

- kathryn

Jun 5th 2022
Verified Purchase

Nice cup


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