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Taste a World of Cheese Club - 6 Months

Taste a World of Cheese Club - 6 Months



6 months of cheese
About This Item

Ideal for the experienced cheese lover or the food explorer wanting to broaden their horizons. For each of the six months, we send two cheeses and one cracker from a different country.

Due to supply chain disruption, we may have to substitute a cheese occasionally.


Great Britain: Enjoy Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar and its cousin Westminster Rustic Red Cheddar. Both are produced using traditional Cheddar methods producing a creamy yet firm texture and plenty of crystallization. These Cheddars are perfectly paired with the Fine British Cheese Co. Wheat Rounds. The crackers are made using a guarded secret recipe boasting some health benefits. We just think they taste great with cheese!

Spain: Our 6-month Manchego is imported from La Mancha. It is one of the most noteworthy cheeses from Spain and it is one of our favorites. We have toured the cheese making facility and can attest to its authenticity. The firm yet creamy texture is nutty and delicious all on its own. We also include Drunken Goat Cheese which is an artisan goat's milk cheese from Murcia, Spain. It is semi-soft, bone white, with a smooth velvet rind which has been soaked in Doble Pasta wine for 48-72 hours and then aged about 75 days. It has a smooth, sweet flavor that is delicately grapey. The Paul and Pippa Herb Crackers from Spain are the perfect vessel to transport this cheese.

France: Comté Gruyere from the Jura region of the French Alps is arguably the most famous Comté. With its firm and supple texture, this cheese melts in your mouth, leaving you with flavors that range from dense and smoky to sweet and fruity. French Brie is like butter but better. Its luxurious texture will delight all the senses. It is ripened in the shape of a square and cut into triangles, making the presentation unique and texture consistent throughout. This is one of the most exceptional Bries of France for its delicate tang and velvety creaminess. We also include Tresors Waffle crackers from France.

United States: Laura Chanel Fresh Goat Cheese is a fresh cheese with mild flavor and soft, spreadable texture made in the traditional Frenche longated shape. Humbolt Fog Goat Cheese is a great-tasting goat cheese! Very creamy, light, and earthy, getting more complex with age. The center layer of ash adds more flavor to this already wonderful cheese! We also include one of our favorite crackers from Napa Valley, CA: Rustic Bakery Sourdough Crackers.

Italy: Italian Provolone is unlike any version we know of here in the States. It is very sharp, dense, and creamy. It is perfect paired with a Sangiovese Wine or just for nibbling. Parmigiano-Reggiano comes to us from the rolling hills outside of Modena, Italy. We've visited the farm, seen how the cheese is aged...even petted the cows! Every wheel is aged for some two years and expertly inspected before being shipped to us. We also include in this month's box some crostini toasts. They are the perfect snack and great with these Italian cheeses.

United States: These cheeses come from the Midwest. We love Reny Picot Smoked Gouda. This smoked Gouda from Benton Harbor, Michigan, is made from cow's milk and is naturally smoked. A very fresh flavor in comparison to processed Dutch smoked Gouda, it's buttery and salty with caramel undertones. Carr Valley AppleWood Smoked Cheddar has won many prestigious cheese awards through the years. This white Cheddar is apple wood smoked and then hand rubbed with paprika. It has a light, smoky flavor that balances very well with the paprika. To transport these addictive cheeses, enjoy the John Wm Macy Crisps. They are grilled with a touch of olive oil and so light and crisp. You can't eat just one!

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