Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic


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Sit back and chill with this Summertime Picnic. Whether you groove to Will Smith or Gershwin, playing your favorite summertime classics combined with this collection of picnic favorites will have you relaxing in no time. We love Nueske's from Wisconsin and are so happy to feature this summer sausage.


Nueske's Applewood Smoked All-Beef Summer Sausage is smoked to perfection! Lean beef seasoned with natural spices and made into the best smoked sausage you've ever tasted. 10 oz.
Westminster Rustic Red Cheddar has sweet, nutty, caramelized notes combined with a little savory bite to make a cheese (that happened by mistake) a wonderful choice. This favorite is a staff pick!
John Wm. Macy's Grilled Crostini Toasts are crafted from artisan sourdough baguettes that are sliced, grilled, and seasoned with olive oil and sea salt, then baked again to achieve "the perfect crunch.” Enjoy them straight from the bag or add your favorite spreads and toppings for quick and elegant appetizers for every occasion.
Made in Nature Organic Apple Rings perfectly balance these flavors of the sharp cheese and rich sausage.

The Nueske's Summer Sausage is shelf stable so it's perfect to take along on a hike or picnic. It's actually best served at room temperature as is the cheese! Serves two for a light lunch or four as a first course.

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