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Spicewalla Sugar and Spice Collection

Spicewalla Sugar and Spice Collection



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Bake With the Best

Infuse your favorite baked goods and teas with the elegant flavors found in Spicewalla Sugar and Spice Collection. From delicate Lavender Lemon Sugar to fragrant Cardamom Sugar and comforting Cranberry Orange Sugar, bake, whisk, and sprinkle in just about everything.

Lavender Lemon Sugar: Not just beautiful - delicious, too! Lavender Lemon Sugar makes an unexpected and refined addition to your next cup of hot green tea or batch of sugar cookies!

Cardamom Sugar: The highly anticipated Cardamom Sugar is warm, floral, and downright ambrosial. Level up the flavors of a rice kheer or warm apple crisp. No matter which recipes you land on, let us warn you: your kitchen is about to smell amazing!

Cranberry Orange Sugar: We love the fresh and festive flavor of Cranberry Orange Sugar all year long! Create a fancy rim for Instagram-worthy cosmopolitans, or add dazzle and crunch to the tops of fluffy cranberry muffins. The choices are endless (and delicious)!

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