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Smoking Goose Freedom 75 Half-Ham (3-4 lbs)

Smoking Goose Freedom 75 Half-Ham (3-4 lbs)



3-4 lbs

Only 4 left in stock!

A Limited-Edition Ham for Your Table

Starting with a boneless, pasture-raised, heritage breed ham, the Smoking Goose Freedom 75 Ham gets a flavorful twist from the flavors found in a classic French 75 cocktail, including 3 Floyds Oude Boatface Gin, Meyer lemon, and an elderflower glaze. Thanks to the ham being slow smoked over mulberry wood, this centerpiece dish is fully cooked, ready to heat and serve. Enjoy as your main dish for your Easter dinner, or slice and serve for an upscale brunch.

These boneless, half hams are roughly 4-5 lbs each. Glaze is already on the ham inside the packaging.


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