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Seacuterie Board

Seacuterie Board



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Make a Splash!

Swap out your typical charcuterie board selections and dive into one of the newest snack trends⁠—a seacuterie board! Not sure where to begin? Impress your guests swimmingly with this gift that's complete with a selection of gourmet tinned fish. From Matiz España canned tuna, shellfish, and octopus to Jacques Gonidec Sardines in Olive Oil, this kit is brimming with a variety of canned seafood favorites. To round out the selection, we add some bright peppadew peppers and salsa verde as well as John Wm Macy's Crostini to serve as a scrumptious serving vessel.


What's Included:

Matiz España Bonita Del Norte Tuna (Spain)
Matiz España Wild Cockles (Spain)
Matiz España Octopus (Spain)
Matiz España Mussels (Spain)
Jacques Gonidec Sardines in Olive Oil (France)
Bar Harbor Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon (Alaska)
Peppadew Peppers (South Africa)
The Tapas Sauces Salsa Verde (Spain)
John Wm Macy's Crostini (USA)

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