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Scalia Anchovy Fillets With Red Peppers

Scalia Anchovy Fillets With Red Peppers



2.8 oz
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Some of the best anchovies we've tasted! Scalia Anchovy Fillets With Red Peppers features premium anchovies that are immediately prepared as soon as their caught to retain their freshness, clean brininess, and silky texture. The addition of red peppers brings a delightful smoky, peppery hint to these fillets. Although we love them straight from the jar, these olive oil-packed anchovies are excellent additions to your Caesar salad, pizza, tomato sauce, and soups galore for an extra dose of umami goodness.



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Sep 23rd 2022
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These are incredible! I love sitting with my Italian cousins and stuffing these in fluffy, bread slices with mozzarella and salami and hot peppers! Heavenly! Dorothy Lane packed them BEAUTIFULLY and they arrived quickly in pristine condition! No grease or any leaking, which is rare when you order this type of fare!

- Mary

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Mary! What a great way to enjoy these. Thank you for sharing! 

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