Salty and Sweet Snack Attack

Salty and Sweet Snack Attack



1 Gift Set
Salty and Sweet Snack Attack

Salty and Sweet Snack Attack covers the craving bases. We include our Best Sellers Killer Brownie® Gift Box, Poppy Handcrafted Asheville Mix Popcorn, and DLM Roasted & Salted Extra-Large Peanuts. This is sure to please all tastes of all ages.


Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Asheville Mix is named after their hometown, so you know it's good. They combine Cheddar popcorn and salted caramel for that insatiable craving. One bag may not be enough. It’s gluten-free, Non-GMO and delicious. Warning: be ready to get hooked.
Killer Brownie® Best Sellers 4-ct Gift Box features our best-selling brownies: Original, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, and Cookie Dough. These brownies are made with two layers of brownies sandwiching a signature caramel layer and various inclusions.
DLM Roasted and Salted Extra-Large Peanuts are roasted and produced here in the Dayton, Ohio, area ensuring their peak freshness. They are lightly salted and perfectly balance the caramel popcorn.

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