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Sabauce Handcrafted Marinade

Sabauce Handcrafted Marinade



16 fl oz
Eastern Flavors With a Western Twist

Sabauce (pronounced sa-boss) Handcrafted Marinade is similar in profile to tandoori, combining a yogurt base and a mix of Eastern spices that includes cumin, turmeric, black salt, and mango powder. Thanks to the enzymes in the yogurt, this sauce require less marinating time, tenderizing the meat of your choice or any vegetable while adding rich flavor. Proudly crafted and bottled in Columbus, Ohio.  


The passion and inspiration of this marinade stems from a deep love of traditional family cooking. At a young age, Amit Amin (co-owner) recalls watching his mother's love for cooking and mimicking her in the kitchen. The joy observed from family and friends enjoying her delicious cuisine sparked his initial interest to pursue cooking.  

Traveling throughout India allowed Amit to indulge in different flavors and tastes. He wanted to infuse flavors that would allow the marinade to incorporate and please the western palate.  

The name is derived from shabash, a word used on the Indian subcontinent as an exclamation of praise meaning “well done!” We do think this sauce is well done and we hope you agree.


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