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Runamok Honey Flight

Runamok Honey Flight



3 ct
Sweeten Things Up

Known for their top-notch maple syrup, Runamok has now created a buzz in the honey world! Enjoy a selection of three honeys in one gift box: Beekeeper's Cut, Chipotle Morita, and Lemon Verbena Infused Honeys cover a wide range of flavor profiles. These honeys are produced and processed here in America.  


Runamok Beekeeper's Honey: Sweet and floral with a bright finish, Runamok Beekeeper's Cut Honey is rich with floral flavors, sweetness, and medicinal qualities. We love drizzling this honey over fresh biscuits, adding to grilled cheese, serving alongside cheeseboards, and more.

Runamok Chipotle-Morita Infused Honey: The ideal choice for those looking for some sweet heat! Thanks to the addition of Chipotle peppers, this hot honey is delightfully spicy, smoky, and sweet. Drizzle over fried chicken, grilled cheese, or pizza for maximum enjoyment!

Runamok Lemon Verbena-Infused Honey: Add notes of citrus without tart acidity using Runamok Lemon Verbena Infused Honey. Because it's filled with lovely lemon and floral notes, this honey is a great choice for adding to tea or cocktails, drizzling over goat and soft cheeses, or topping pastries.


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Sep 29th 2022
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This honey is the best! Honey from Vermont, so special

- Calvin

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