Pumpkin Lover's Fall Bakery Box

Pumpkin Lover's Fall Bakery Box



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Pumpkin Lover's Fall Bakery Box

The pick of the patch! Indulge in this gift box filled with a sweet selection of irresistible fall bakery treats boasting pumpkin spice and everything nice.


Pumpkin Killer Brownie® (2 ct): Moist blonde brownie folded with fresh pumpkin purée, crunchy pecans, and the perfect blend of spices. A mouthwatering layer of signature caramel is nestled in the center with a sprinkling of white chocolate chips.

Killer Brownie® Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Blonde Brownie Bites: Real pumpkin purée is blended into moist vanilla blonde brownie with warm autumn spices and chocolate chips. (8 bites)

DLM Pumpkin Loaf With Cinnamon Streusel: Autumn is the season of everything pumpkin! Enjoy our spiced pumpkin bread with its rich and moist interior brimming with delicious pumpkin and spices.

Rustic Bakery Pumpkin Butter Cookies: These crumbly, buttery cookies just melt in your mouth. These seasonal favorites are in the shape of pumpkins with warm pumpkin spices.  

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