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Ohio Coffee Club - 6 Months

Ohio Coffee Club - 6 Months



13 ct
Ohio Coffee Club - 6 Months

Enjoy our favorite coffee roasters from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. These roasters source their beans responsibly and are passionate about their roasting techniques. 

Coffees will arrive each month in their whole bean state. If you would like them ground, please leave a note in the comments at checkout.  Ohio really has a lot to celebrate in our coffee roasting companies. Enjoy! Shipping is included in the price.


Month One features DLM 1948 Classic Dark Roast Coffee (roasted by Boston Stoker) and Boston Stoker La Minita Roast Coffees. Boston Stoker is one of Dayton's coffee trailblazers and a great partner with DLM for many years.
Month Two: Features two bags of Pettibone Coffees.  Located right here in Dayton, Ohio, Pettibone Coffee was founded on a deep-rooted love for all things coffee. This passion is displayed in their meticulous, hands-on roasting process, carefully roasting each batch of coffee beans till they've reached their peak flavor potential.
Month Three highlights one of our favorites out of Columbus, Ohio — Crimson Cup. Enjoy the Jungle Love and Morning Commute Blends. Both are on the darker side, rich, and bold. Crimson Cup has won many national coffee awards.
Month Four Rooted Grounds roasts their coffees in Cincinnati, Ohio. This month enjoy International Espresso and All Day Breakfast blends. Both coffees are a medium to dark roast.
Month Five: Twisted River Coffee Roasters from Dayton, Ohio, are a family-run, small batch coffee roaster. We are proud to support our small local companies. This month enjoy Mad River Blend and Columbia.  
Month Six: Reza's Coffee Roasterie in Dayton, Ohio, is a hard-working family dedicated to sourcing their coffee beans responsibly and roasting the beans to enhance their ultimate flavor. They are known for their fun names, including Adulting Fuel and No Coffee No Talkie. Both are medium to dark roast blends.

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