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Nuñez de Prado Organic Olive Oil

Nuñez de Prado Organic Olive Oil



500 ml
Nuñez de Prado Organic Olive Oil

This oil is is gathered after the olives are crushed, but before they are pressed between mats. Only the oil that flows through with gravity is bottled in its unfiltered form. This oil has an extraordinary low oleic acidity of 0.1%, ten times lower than required to be labeled Extra Virgin. It is called Flor de Aceite, meaning flower of the oil, because many of the savory senses of smell and taste are concentrated within it.

Seven generations of the Nuñez de Prado family have dedicated their lives to the production of extraordinary olive oil, and the family’s mill still crushes olives in the ancient way: under true granite stones. The family owns four different estates, housing over 100,000 olive trees (none of which are fertilized or sprayed with pesticides).


The process begins in the orchards where the olives, which have not been treated with any fertilizers or pesticides, are hand-picked and pass thorough a rigorous selection at the family’s mill. The olives are crushed under granite stones, an ancient process. 

Olive Varietals: Frantoio, Leccino, and Moraiolo Oleic Acidity: 0.1%TRADITION.

The Nuñez de Prado family started to make oil back in 1795. The family owns four estates, which span 700 hectares and 100,000 drip-irrigated olive trees. The family Nuñez de Prado has dedicated themselves for seven generations to the production of exquisite olive oil

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