North Country Charcuterie Tripel Pigs Salami

North Country Charcuterie Tripel Pigs Salami



5 oz
About This Item

North Country Charcuterie is a family-owned company committed to sourcing humanely raised meats from local Ohio farms to craft cured meats and salamis in Columbus, Ohio. Subtly flavored with Tripel from Combustion Brewery in Pickerington, Ohio, Tripel Pigs Salami is their most traditional salami with an American twist. This is best served at room temperature. The white mold on the outside is edible, so you can peel it off prior to serving.


Holiday Cozy Comforts: Charcuterie at Home

Not quite ready for dinner or don’t feel like making another fussy meal? Open up a good bottle of wine and set out a charcuterie board with some holiday touches.

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