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Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes



8.5 oz
Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Traditional methods and time honored techniques passed down for four generations combine to create these uniquely pyramid-shaped, soft, yet crunchy flaky salt crystals.   Maldon Sea Salt Flakes have a clean taste and fresh intensity making them the perfect choice for enhancing any dish or cocktail. We love sprinkling this gourmet sea salt over grilled meat, chocolate chip cookies, blistered shishito peppers, focaccia, and more!


Since 1882, Maldon Sea Salt has been made with the same traditional artisan methods in the coastal town of Maldon, Essex (Great Britain). It is unchanging yet ever-changing, constant yet continuously challenging. However, the salt always remains the same.


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Jul 10th 2022
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Maldon beyond all others

- Barbara

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