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Loison Amarena Panettone 500 gr. - Hand Wrapped

Loison Amarena Panettone 500 gr. - Hand Wrapped

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500 grams
Indulge in a Taste of Italy

As you unwrap this stunning paper and enjoy a piece of Loison Panettone, you’re met with great flavor and a product rich in history and Italian holiday tradition. Using top-of-the-line fresh ingredients, like eggs from free-range hens, milk, butter, and cream, along with carefully sourced Italian sugar and whole sea salt, Loison has perfected crafting this Italian coffee cake. The most popular Loison Panettone, Loison Amarena Panettone is studded with sultana raisins and candied cherries making it the perfect pairing for tea or coffee. Pro tip: use it to make fantastic French toast. Did we mention it makes for a great gift, too? 


The wrapping paper of The Frutta e Fiori Collection is inspired by botanical tables from the late 1700s. Sonia Pilla found inspiration in fruits, leaves and flowers drawn by hand by skilled artists with expertise in botany. She then laid her own designs out on a natural background. The pink ivory color of the wrapping paper was specifically created for this very Collection.

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