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Le Chic Pâtissier Original Macarons 12-ct

Le Chic Pâtissier Original Macarons 12-ct


Colorful, Gourmet Macarons

Le Chic Pâtissier Original Macarons showcase decadent ganache nestled between two light almond biscuits. Made with top-notch ingredients, like Madagascar vanilla, Valrhona chocolate, and California almonds, these French-style macarons are gluten free, supremely delicious, and come in an assortment of flavors.

Flavors: Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Lemon, and Pistachio.


Le Chic Pâtissier started in New York by the Overseas Food Trading team in 2012. This group of expats embodies French sensibilities with a love for pastries and snacks made from classic recipes and the finest ingredients. Wishing to bring specialty sweets into American homes, they created a brand through which they would share their love for the classic European foods they grew up with. From the famous macaron that is seen all over Paris to the classic brioche that originated in western France, we bring traditional recipes of Europe's most beloved foods right into your home. Today, Le Chic Pâtissier continues to celebrate its European roots with a focus on French-styled delicacies while staying committed to making the future of the food industry greener and more delicious.

The macaron is an iconic bite-sized treat that many enjoy. This treasured dessert is believed to have made its first known appearance in the French royal court during the 16th century thanks to Catherine de’ Medici and her pastry chefs. It gained more notoriety in the late 17th century when two nuns, who were seeking asylum during the French Revolution, began baking and selling the sweet treats. Over time, people from different regions of France adopted the recipe, and the macaron went through its never-ending process of reinvention. The delicate French sandwich cookies, often offered in a variety of flavors and colors, have since spread across the world.


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May 4th
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Loved these.

- Meg

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Eh……not great.

- Douglas

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