Kurobuta Pork Chops - 4 ct

Kurobuta Pork Chops - 4 ct



4 Bone-in Kurobuta Pork Chops

If you have never had one of these incredible Kurobuta Pork Chops, you don't know what you are missing! Kurobuta Pork comes from pure-bred Berkshire pigs, a heritage breed that dates to the 1600s. Kurobuta has intense marbling and a richer flavor than conventional pork, which has long been bred for reduced fat content. Call it the unconventional pork. You’ll taste the difference. Each chop is a minimum of 12 oz. 

Chops are shipped frozen with ice.  They will arrive thawed, ready to throw on the grill.  Refrigerate immediately upon receipt.  Between the months of June - September, these items must ship via express.  


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