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kit • sch Restful Sleep Kit

kit • sch Restful Sleep Kit


Prepare for a Good Night's Sleep

Treat someone special in your life to luxurious sleep with kit • sch Restful Sleep Kit. Filled with kit • sch Satin Eye Mask, Assorted Sleep Scrunchies, and a Satin Standard Pillowcase, this sleep set is amazingly comfortable and helps to reduce frizz, tangles, and tugging on your hair as you rest. Plus, we've added in The Functional Chocolate Company Sleepy Chocolate to help aid your good night's sleep. 


kit • sch Satin Standard Pillowcase (Leopard): Satin pillowcases are a beauty bedtime favorite as they're proven to be a more gentle option for your hair, skin, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Plus, the satin fabric is smooth and breathable, regulating temperatures to keep you cool throughout the night.

kit • sch Satin Eye Mask (Leopard): Your newest nighttime necessity! The luxurious satin fabric is designed to care for your skin, and help you sleep comfortably, all while looking oh-so chic!  

kit • sch Satin Assorted Sleep Scrunchies (5 pieces): kit • sch Sleep Scrunchies are perfect for tying up your hair at night so you can stay cool and comfortable. The satin fabric helps reduce breakage, allowing you to wake up ready to take on the day. Each package includes 5 Satin Sleep Scrunchies in assorted black, blush, and leopard print tones.

The Functional Chocolate Company Sleepy Chocolate: Sleepy Chocolate™ is crafted with a blend of chamomile, valerian, lavender, lemon balm, magnesium, and melatonin in a Blueberry Lavender flavored bar. 

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