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Killer Brownie® Fall Flavors Flight

Killer Brownie® Fall Flavors Flight


Fall for these Fabulous Flavors

We pulled together our favorite Fall flavors from Killer Brownie®, and they're here for just a limited time! Enjoy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Killer Brownie® Bites, Mexican Hot Chocolate Signature Killer Brownie® 5-ct Bars and Caramel Apple Signature Killer Brownie® 5-ct Bars all in one gift set. It's the perfect way to celebrate fall and sample the new limited edition brownies.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Killer Brownie®: These Mexican Hot Chocolate Killer Brownie® bars feature rich, chocolatey brownies infused with a kiss of heat from cayenne and guajillo chili, along with a touch of cinnamon. As with all signature Killer Brownie® flavors, this gourmet brownie features a thick layer of creamy caramel as well as a sprinkling of milk chocolate chips. Just one bite and you'll understand why this has quickly become one of our favorite flavors.

Caramel Apple Killer Brownie®: Ready your taste buds for this sweet sensation! This seasonal Killer Brownie® flavor features a scrumptious apple sugar cookie layer folded with bits of apple as well as a decadent base of fudge brownie that's studded with white chocolate chips. Sandwiched in the middle of the Caramel Apple Killer Brownie® is a ripple of creamy caramel covered with diced apples. Enjoy fives bars in this ready-to-eat package.

Killer Brownie® Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Blonde Brownie® Bites:  Real pumpkin purée blended into moist vanilla blonde brownie with warming autumn spices and chocolate chips. These bites are reminiscent of dense pumpkin cake studded with rich chocolate chips.


Average Customer Rating:

Nov 8th 2023
Verified Purchase

Sent to my daughter/son-in-law and grands. They LOVED them (and me, for the surprise)

- Dorothy

Oct 27th 2023
Verified Purchase

It was a gift to my parents in Pennsylvania. They seem to have liked the brownies.

- Edward

Oct 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

The Apple pie brownie was not well received, they didn’t like the taste

- Roland

Oct 12th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Janet

Oct 12th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Sherry

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