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Killer Brownie® Create Your Own Bengals Gift Box (4-ct)

Killer Brownie® Create Your Own Bengals Gift Box (4-ct)




Please choose:

    Killer Brownie® Signature Flavors - 1ct ea

  • The Original Killer Brownie®

    Multiple layers of chocolate brownie; rich, gooey caramel; and chopped pecans make for a treat you won't soon forget.

  • Confetti Killer Brownie®

    The fun addition to the Killer Brownie® family. It's a blondie brownie layered with oozing caramel, white chocolate chips, and a plethora of party-tastic sprinkles.

  • Cookie Dough Killer Brownie®

    The Cookie Dough brownie combines the decadent recipe of our Triple Chocolate Killer Brownie® with the classic, homemade taste of chocolate chip cookies.

  • Peanut Butter Killer Brownie®

    Picture an Original with peanuts and peanut butter added. Now, take a bite and savor!

  • Salted Caramel Killer Brownie®

    We take our Original and sprinkle a touch of coarse sea salt into the rich, buttery caramel. The perfect blend of sweet and salty! Contains nuts.

  • Triple Chocolate Killer Brownie®

    We add extra chocolate chips to this form of the Original and we skip the nuts.

Gift the Official Brownie of the Bengals!

Our beloved Killer Brownie® is wearing stripes—Bengals stripes, that is! As Official Brownie of the Cincinnati Bengals, please select your starting lineup of Killer Brownie® flavors to include in this online exclusive Bengals Gift Box! Score a touchdown when you send a decadent 4-count brownie gift box wearing this exclusive Bengals sleeve to the fan in your life.



Average Customer Rating:

Jan 12th
Verified Purchase

"The brownies were moist and delicious. My son was very happy with them."

- Adrianne

Jan 1st
Verified Purchase

Love the Killer Brownies and supporting the Bengals!

- Kim

Dec 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

Our friends sent us multiple messages about how delicious these were! Always a hit!

- Jessica

Dec 21st 2023
Verified Purchase

- Andrea

Dec 15th 2023
Verified Purchase

Recipient loved the brownies. Great gift!

- Robert

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are so glad to hear that. Thank you for the order Robert!

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