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Killer Brownie® Cookie Dough 5-ct Bars

Killer Brownie® Cookie Dough 5-ct Bars



5 bars
Warning: Insanely Decadent!

The warming taste of a chocolate chip cookie marries with the allure of a Killer Brownie®. This Cookie Dough flavor holds-off on the nuts, but lets chocolate chips take center stage as they nestle in with the smooth and decadent caramel.

Warm Weather Notice

Due to extreme temperatures, your brownies may arrive warm and extra gooey — we assure you they are safe to eat! To combat the warmer weather, we are adding extra ice and insulation to all packages; however, the brownies may still arrive warm. We recommend popping them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to firm up.



Average Customer Rating:

Jun 21st
Verified Purchase

These are amazing brownies

- Brian

Jun 6th
Verified Purchase

- Thomas

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