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Just Add Bourbon with Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mixer

Just Add Bourbon with Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mixer


Mix it up with Bittermilk's Old Fashioned

Become your own mixologist at home with this Just Add Bourbon Gift Set. Bittermilk recreated this gentleman's cocktail by using classic bittering agents like gentian root and cinchona bark, along with burnt sugar, spices, and a bit of orange peel. We include The Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer, DLM Nuts, and the perfectly paired Wildwood Chocolate Orange Confit and Cherries Chocolate Bar. Mix up your favorite Old Fashioned at home.  


Bittermilk Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Mixer. The mixer is aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels from Willett Distillery to allow the flavors to come together and ramp up the intensity. It is super concentrated, so just a little goes a long way. Best mixed with bourbon, rye whiskey, or other aged spirits. Garnish with an orange peel and Luxardo cherries along with extra-large ice cubes.
Bittermilk handcrafted cocktail mixer compounds are designed for the modern-day cocktail enthusiast. The mixers are made and bottled by hand in small production in Charleston, SC. The ingredients are all-natural and organic whenever possible. The Bittermilk founders say it best: “The labor is in the bottle. Just add booze”.

Instructions on the bottle are easy, just add 4 parts Bourbon to one part Bittermilk Old Fashioned Syrup.  

DLM Mixed Nuts: Smokey, salty, and crunchy, nuts make a perfect match with an Old Fashioned.

Wildwood Chocolate Orange Confit and Cherries Chocolate Bar: Refined sweet floral orange confit pairs in delicate balance with tart dried cherries making this duo a supreme match over rich 70% dark chocolate. Wildwood Chocolates from Oregon is one of our favorite chocolate producers. With every bite, they aim to bring you the same sense of joy and discovery that one experiences wandering the scenic Wildwood Trail in their home town of Portland, Oregon. Ingredients: Bittersweet Chocolate (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract), Dried Cherries (may contain pits), Orange Confit (orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar).

Add on Luxardo Cherries upon check-out!  


Average Customer Rating:

Jul 6th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great gift for the mixologist in your life.

- Calvin

Jun 27th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Tracie

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