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Jacobsen Salt Co. Seasoning Set

Jacobsen Salt Co. Seasoning Set

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1 set
Jacobsen Salt Co. Four-Pack Gift Set

Jacobsen Salt Co. Seasoning Set is a blend of pure Jacobsen Kosher Salt or Salt sourced from Trapani and the highest quality spices to be found. This type of seasoning is designed to be versatile, enhancing the flavor of various everyday dishes. While made with non-GMO ingredients that are soy free and allergen friendly, the overwhelming characteristic of these seasoning blends is flavor—they are delicious on just about everything!

This gift pack includes: Taco Seasoning, Ramen Seasoning, Seafood Seasoning, and Steak Seasoning. Be inspired to share, create, and enjoy cooking.  


Taco Seasoning: Net Wt. 2.3oz (65g)
Ramen Seasoning: Net Wt. 2.82oz (80g)
Seafood Seasoning: Net Wt. 2.64oz (75g)
Steak Seasoning: Net Wt. 2.4oz (68g)

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