Italian Pasta Dinner Party

Italian Pasta Dinner Party



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Party with Pasta

Explore your inner pasta passion with this delicious selection of pastas and sauces, mostly from Italy. We include the following:

Ritrovo Selections Sugo Pasta Sauce
Monograno Felicetti Matt Spaghetti
Italian Basil Pesto
Pastificio G Di Martino Farfalle
DLM Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from Italy
Wm Macy Melting Parmesan Breadsticks
Gastone Lago Party Hazelnut Wafers

All items are shelf stable making it a great gift option for new home owners or new parents (no need to worry about unpacking it right away). Of course, it's a great treat for yourself.

Feeds 4-6 people. Ground Shipping Available.



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Feb 8th
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- Robert (Dayton, OH)

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