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Irish Cheese Pairing

Irish Cheese Pairing


Irish Cheese Pairing - Here for a limited time

Irish eyes are shining on this limited edition Irish Cheese Pairing. Complete with a trio of Irish Cheddars accompanied by a loaf of Irish Soda Bread, this festive combination will have you dancing an Irish jig. Enjoy this special gift while supplies last.


Oscar Wilde Aged Irish Cheddar: Oscar Wilde Aged Irish Cheddar is made in County Cork, Ireland, then aged for two years giving it a rich texture and a firm, creamy taste. Only available for a limited time. (Suggested beer pairing: Harp Lager.  The light, crisp grassiness and lingering malt flavor of this lager are the perfect juxtaposition for the sharp, bold, and slightly fruity flavors of Oscar Wilde Cheddar.)

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheddar: Kerrygold Dubliner Irish Cheddar is similar to a traditional Cheddar, but with the sweet, nutty taste of a Swiss combined with the piquant flavor of an aged Italian-type cheese. Looking for a creative twist to your favorite entrées? It makes a killer grilled cheese, melts beautifully into any recipe, or is excellent grated over pasta. (suggested beer pairing: Conway's Irish Ale. The full-bodied caramel malt flavors of this Irish ale are just the ticket when matched with the sweet, nutty, and piquant taste of Dubliner.)

Cahill’s Irish Porter Cheddar: Irish Cheddar infused with porter beer? Yes, please! Aged Irish Cheddar permeated with dark Porter that results in a strikingly beautiful brown mosaic and rich, toasty flavor with hints of chocolate hops. Try melted on a burger or simply paired with its namesake porter!  (Suggested beer pairing: Smithwick's Irish Ale.  Smithwick's light, malty sweeness is perfection when paired with the tangy and chocolaty notes of this porter-infused cheddar.)

Fine Cheese Co. Wheat Rounds: Sweet and crispy crackers from Great Britain, perfect for Irish Cheddars.


Average Customer Rating:

Mar 24th 2022
Verified Purchase

Always delicious and packaged so nicely.

- Lindsey

Mar 17th 2022
Verified Purchase

Wonderful birthday gift for a St Patrick’s Day birthday.

- Kathleen M.

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Kathleen for sending this gift and the review!

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