Il Colle Del Gusto Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread

Il Colle Del Gusto Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread



8.8 oz
Next Level Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Il Colle del Gusto Noccioliva is a unique hazelnut & cocoa spread featuring a blend of Italian extra-virgin olive oil and silken hazelnut cocoa. This combination lends to an incredibly smooth and glossy sheen while allowing its roasted nut aroma and rich chocolate flavor to shine. If you like Nutella, you will love Noccioliva. We recommend drizzling it into bread pudding or banana bread, or try adding it to pastry cream, tart fillings, and soufflés. It is great on its own or as a dip for biscotti or fruit. We also recommend spreading it on toasted DLM Artisan Bread.


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