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Hotaru Foods Matcha Milk Jam

Hotaru Foods Matcha Milk Jam



8.82 oz

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Your New Favorite Spread

Hotaru Foods Matcha Milk Jam is crafted in small batches in South Korea using premium matcha green tea powder. The resulting spread is similar to dulce de leche, as it is a thickened mixture of dairy and sugar with a silky, creamy texture and a kiss of sweetness. A favorite of our associates, try spreading this matcha milk jam on toasted slices of DLM Artisan Milk Bread, as a topping for yogurt and ice cream, or adding to your next cheeseboard.



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May 11th 2023
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This product looks very beautiful on pastries and breads. For desserts, it is a good icing spread. It is too sugary for normal consumption. I think the product would be better with less sugar.

- Alina

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