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High Tea



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Enjoy a High Tea at Home

Start your own high tea tradition here state-side with this collection of elegant Made Right Here Raspberry Tea Biscuits and madeleines. This gift pack features some of our favorite treats to enjoy with a spot of tea along with refined Steven Smith Teamaker tea and our own locally sourced DLM 100% Pure Honey. 


Rishi Earl Grey Tea Sachets: This organic Earl Grey combines robust and fruity Thai black tea with mellow, caramel sweet Yunnan Dian Hong. This original blend perfectly complements the floral high notes of geranium and rose found in our first-pressing bergamot essential oil.  Tasting Notes: Smooth and lively with the unique citrusy, floral aroma of bergamot oranges. 15 Sachets.

St. Michelle Madeleines: St Michel Classic Madeleines are moist and buttery sponge cakes with the traditional European madeleine flavor of almond. The classic madeleine is baked in the shape of a scalloped seashell with ridges on one side. Package of 10 individually wrapped madeleines. Made in France.

Rustic Bakery Vanilla Shortbread Cookie: A classic buttery cookie that delivers a smooth flavor from the Madagascar vanilla bean.

DLM Raspberry Tea Biscuits: These biscuits are similar to a strudel or rugelach. The pastries are filled with rich raspberry preserves, walnuts and raisins then topped with sugar. Two Russian Tea Biscuits per order!

DLM 100% Pure Honey Bear:  Our honey is responsibly sourced by our good friends at a local apiary, so we trust the purity of our honey.  


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