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Heritage Berkshire Thick Cut Bacon - 1 LB

Heritage Berkshire Thick Cut Bacon - 1 LB



16 oz
The Real Berkshire Bacon

For centuries, the Berkshire breed has been celebrated for producing a supreme quality gourmet pork. Made popular in Japan, Kurobuta or "Black Pig", has been a well-kept culinary secret. This delightful breed holds genetic traits that truly make it a cut above the rest. Heritage Berkshire Pork is the real Kurbobuta pork. Heritage Berkshire Bacon is 100% Berkshire pork.  

Heritage Berkshire Farms Thick Cut Bacon is all-natural, free of nitrates and nitrites, and full of flavor. Taste the difference!


Heritage Berkshire Farms sources their "best pork in the world" from family farms across the Mid-West. They responsibly raise their Berkshire pigs with no subtherapeutic growth hormones, uniform feed rations, humane handling, no antibiotics in the meat.  This breed has not been genetically modified.


Average Customer Rating:

Feb 1st
Verified Purchase

This bacon is one of my favorites. I love sending this to friends and family.

- Calvin

Nov 30th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Robin

Aug 18th 2023
Verified Purchase

- Calvin

Feb 19th 2023
Verified Purchase

Very good bacon. I will buy again

- Charles

Feb 8th 2023
Verified Purchase

Excellent taste. The best I've had.

- Angela

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