Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!



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Happy Anniversary Candle Light Dinner for Two

Celebrate life's special anniversaries with a gourmet pasta dinner kit. We include one of our favorite pastas and sauces from Italy, delicious parmesan breadsticks, a From the Heart Gift box filled with Killer Brownie® Party Favorites collection, and a candle to set the mood.  

This gift set is easy enough to pull together regardless of the recipient's cooking skills.  This is the ideal candle light dinner for two:  


Rustichella Spaghetti:  This pasta is made in Italy with wheat grown in the mountains and water from the local springs.  Once these magical ingredients come together, they are extruded through bronze dies.  The sauce will cling to the pasta and provide that perfect bite.

Ritrovo Sugo:  These sauces are one of our favorites, the pecorino sugo is close to a ragu consistency as it is slow cooked with lots of chunky cheese.  

William Macy Breadsticks:  Made with real parmesan cheese and classic fermented sough dough.  They may come out of a box, but they will taste homemade.

Killer Brownie Party Favorites:  This From the Heart Gift box is a gift in itself, full of 4 of our favorite triple layered Signature Flavors:  Confetti, Raspberry, Triple Chocolate and Cookies and Cream.

Fly Paper Candle: Fly Paper Candles come to us from Michigan.  They are hand poured with love and made to order.  The soy wax burns clean and the scents are refreshing and light.  The theme centers on reading and will inspire you to read a good book for sure.  


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