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A Sweet Tour de France Gift Box

A Sweet Tour de France Gift Box

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1 Gourmet Gift Set
Gift Like a Parisian

Enjoy some of our favorite French Holiday Sweets from macarons, galettes, dragées, confections, and decadent chocolate truffle. This unique, one-of-a-kind gift will delight and surprise any Francophile. Expressing thoughts and appreciation through rich, decadent food is a French tradition we cherish and admire. This is sure to please anyone on your list!

  • Les Coeurs de Macarons (Amande & Framboise - Almond and Raspberry)
  • Chocolat Mathez Mademoiselle Truffes Fantaisie (French Cocoa Truffles)
  • Braquier Dragées
  • Francois Doucet Pātes de Fruits Squares (flavors vary)
  • Paris Blue Tin with Eiffel Tower: A keepsake tin filled with galettes with orange honey.  

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