Get Down to Business Dinner and Dessert

Get Down to Business Dinner and Dessert



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Get Down to Business Dinner and Dessert

Dinner and dessert is the perfect gift to express appreciation for employees, co-workers, friends, and family. It is also ideal for a virtual dinner party. In this gift, we include three of our favorites from Italy as well as two Killer Brownie® Brookie Brownies.

For large orders, we may need to substitute the sauce.  Please inquire of our Business Gifting Specialist.  


Rustichella Spaghetti: Extruded through hand-made bronze dies and air-dried, this artisan pasta from Abruzzo cooks up with hearty texture and exceptional flavor. Sauce clings to it better than most, giving you a mouthful of flavor every time.

Ritrovo Sugo by Casina Rossa: A dash of vodka and cream in a fresh tomato, vegetable, and basil base achieve perfect harmony in this classic pasta sauce.

Wm Macy Melting Parmesan Breadsticks: Perfect for snacking and dipping in sauce.  These are savory and crunchy with a hint of sourdough.  

Killer Brownie® Brookies (2): Crunchy chocolate chip cookie meets moist brownie, the perfect treat!

Serves 2

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