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Get Down to Business Dinner and Dessert

Get Down to Business Dinner and Dessert



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Get Down to Business Dinner and Dessert

Dinner and dessert is the perfect gift to express appreciation for employees, co-workers, friends, and family. It is also ideal for a virtual dinner party. In this gift, we include three of our favorites from Italy as well as two Triple Chocolate Signature Killer Brownies.

For large orders, we may need to substitute the sauce.  Please inquire of our Business Gifting Specialist.  


Rustichella Spaghetti: Extruded through hand-made bronze dies and air-dried, this artisan pasta from Abruzzo cooks up with hearty texture and exceptional flavor. Sauce clings to it better than most, giving you a mouthful of flavor every time.

Ritrovo Sugo by Casina Rossa: A dash of vodka and cream in a fresh tomato, vegetable, and basil base achieve perfect harmony in this classic pasta sauce.

Wm Macy Melting Parmesan Breadsticks: Perfect for snacking and dipping in sauce.  These are savory and crunchy with a hint of sourdough.  

Triple Chocolate Killer Brownie®  (2): Our signature triple layer brownie with extra chocolate chips!

Serves 2


Average Customer Rating:

Aug 17th 2023
Verified Purchase

Expand "kit" options for those who have only one or two people (but not "couples).

- Judy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Judy, thank you so much for your feedback 😊 

We will make sure to pass this along to see if this is something we can do for the future. Thanks for all your support! 

Apr 23rd 2023
Verified Purchase

Great presentation and birthday gift.

- Sasha

Feb 2nd 2023
Verified Purchase

- Jane

Jan 28th 2023
Verified Purchase

Any gift from DLM is always a treat!

- Peg

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you for the wonderful accolades!

Dec 11th 2022
Verified Purchase

Very good

- Michael

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Michael!

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